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This updates the August 21 post about Urban Sketchers in Aurora —


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More feedback from Urban Sketchers Portland from the August 8 Colony Days visit! Including the words ” … residents of Aurora were very kind to us while we were there, as well – two people walked up and told me how grateful they were to have artists out in their streets!”


Watercolor painting at the Museum

These photos update the July 20 post about watercolor painting “en plein air” at the Museum on the Saturday of Colony Days, August 8.  All involved had a wonderful time — beautiful paintings — look for this to become an annual art show event.

Urban Sketchers Portland came to Aurora!

6 members of Urban Sketchers Portland accepted my invitation to come to Aurora on Saturday 8/8 during Colony Days. Usually this group (part of an international movement) sticks to Portland venues (“urban,” you see) for their weekly outings, but I was able to convince them that the City of Aurora would be a fruitful place for them to visit. Some of them had never even heard of Aurora! I’m happy to say that they were very, very happy with their excursion. Many of you stopped to watch them work and engaged them in discussion, and here are just 3 of the images produced that day. I hope to make this an annual event, another way to demonstrate the vital connection between art and the community.20150809_091108Aurora1Aurora2

Best of Show — 2015

The judge awarded “Best of Show” to Michael Muldoon of Lake Oswego for his oil painting Email to Susan (1 of 1)“Valley Glow”.

Townsend Award — 2015

Winner of the Townsend Award for Student Art — presented for the first time this photo-1year, and intended to be an annual award — was Alaina Fidanzo of Aurora for her mixed-media painting “The Fantasy Flower”.  The award honors Larry Townsend and his 25 years of art show leadership here in Aurora.

Lucky raffle winners

Adding to the fun at the Aurora Colony Days Art Show (and many more details to come!) were raffles for Ron van Kleef’s giclee “Walking in the Rain” — won by Irene Winters of Lake Oswego — and for Julene Trigg’s 2 sets of handmade outdoor wooden flowers — won by Loni Parrish of Newberg and Cindy Caulfield of Aurora — and handmade indoor paper flowers — won by Peggy Weisskirk of Portland.


People’s Choice — 2015

The “People’s Choice” award went to Melvin McRobert of Tigard Red Barnfor his oil painting “Red Barn”.

New art show feature

In a first for the Colony Days Art Show, we will be showcasing what is actually a very long-standing artists’ practice — painting out-of-doors (“en plein air”).  We hope to make this an annual feature.

Many artists work only in their studios, where they are not at the mercy of the elements and onlookers, and their tools are close by and handy.  Plus, working outdoors is scary — it’s so big out there!  But especially for those artists who like to paint landscapes, city scenes and people going about their activities, the only place to work is outdoors — a tradition perfected by the Impressionists, who relished the challenge of dealing with natural light and color, and imposing compositional elements on natural scenes.  (And who didn’t worry that they had left their favorite brush back in the studio.)

Starting around 10 AM on Saturday August 8, a dozen watercolorists under the guidance of noted local teacher and painter Jude Welter will be working in the gardens of the Old Aurora Colony Museum on 2nd and Liberty.  Admission to the Museum is free that day, and we hope that many visitors will avail themselves of the opportunity to watch painters in action.  The paintings will be displayed that afternoon at 3 PM at the main site of the Colony Days Art Show, the Christ Lutheran Church across 2nd Street.

Take a chance on a Ron van Kleef giclee

Feature artist Ron van Kleef has generously donated a giclee copy of his beautiful original painting “Walking in the Rain” (the header and background images on this website are from that painting) to be raffled off at the Friday night artists’ reception.  Value — $150. Raffle ticket price — $5 each.  All proceeds go to the Aurora Arts Association.

“Arts” is a big tent

Visual arts are not the only arts that the Colony Days Art Show will be celebrating. Musically, we have live music on Friday evening and on Saturday/Sunday — Michelle van Kleef, Ryan David Dwyer and Heather Andrews. Culinarily, at the Friday evening reception we have Jason Cromer from Pheasant Run with hors d’oeuvres and Roberta Hutton (well, you all know her!) with desserts; Saturday and Sunday we will be selling “Special Edition” Aurora Arts truffles from Ladybug in Canby.