Art Show Rules & Information

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Aurora Colony Days Art Show and Marketplace Rules

1.    The Show is open to all and is non-juried.  Judges will award prizes and ribbons.

2.    Entry fee for Show: $7.50 per piece entered for adults.  Under 18 free.  Maximum of 4 pieces.  Payment at time of entry.

3.    “Marketplace” fee: $7.50 per participant.  Under 18 free.  No limit as to number of pieces, cards, etc.  Payment at time of entry.

4.    All work must be the product of the artist who is submitting it.  Entries for the Show must be original (no giclees or other copies – these may be offered for sale in the Marketplace).

5.    Artwork for the Show is encouraged to be for sale, and the Aurora Arts Association will take a 25% commission on each sale.  Artwork may be entered not-for-sale (NFS).  Marketplace sales are also subject to the 25% commission.  Payments to artists will be made by the end of August 2017.

6.    2-D art entries must be presented appropriately – framed securely, mounted, matted, etc. — and must have wires or hangers.  NO SAW-TOOTH HANGERS — our display panels cannot handle them – NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.  Under 18 work need only be matted but must be wired or provided with a non-saw-tooth hanger.  Each entry should be labeled on the back (or underneath for 3-D) with the artist’s name and contact information.

7.    Special care will be taken to protect your work, but the Aurora Arts Association is not responsible for any damage or loss.