Plein air watercolor painting during Colony Days

The many visitors to the Old Aurora Colony Museum’s courtyard on the Saturday of Colony Days last year probably didn’t realize that they were helping to evaluate an artistic experiment.  That day, Jude Welter led a group of her students in the first-ever plein air painting event at the Museum.  It culminated in one work from that day being awarded the — also first-ever — Museum Curator’s Prize.  Bsed on the all-round interest and enthusiasm shown, the experiment was deemed a success.

So this year’s Colony Days will feature an expanded plein air event.  Aurora Arts Association and the Museum will once again collaborate.  Painters will work at the Museum as well as throughout “downtown” Aurora, and there will be opportunities for all that day’s work to be shown and enjoyed by Colony Days visitors.  And the 2nd annual Museum Curator’s Prize will be given.

All watercolorists interested in plein air painting — no matter how much expertise or experience — are encouraged to take part.  Click on the “Call to Artists”, “Rules” and “Entry Forms” buttons above for all the details.


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