And a good time was had by all

Numbers tell some of the story of the 2015 Aurora Colony Days Art Show.  55 artists from 18 locales submitting175 works of art.  There were 42 watercolor paintings — 25 acrylics — 25 oils — 23 photographs — 60 mixed and almost every other medium.  13 of the artists — 24% — with sales of their work.  50 volunteers to plan, set up/take down, cook, staff, entertain and more.  An estimated 500 people visiting the show, from the Friday evening reception through late Sunday afternoon.  40 children taking part in our week-long, first-ever art camp and Sunday printmaking workshop.  In another first, 15 “plein air” artists painting and sketching at the Museum and on streets filled with Colony Days celebrants.

But the larger story is one of community.  Aurorans and honorary Aurorans came together to  work, to celebrate and to appreciate each other, in this art show and in all the other Colony Days festivities.  Thank you. K7A4A955D78EEF_1000119 K7A4A955D78EEF_1000129 K7A4A955D78EEF_1000120 K7A4A955D78EEF_1000118 K7A4A955D78EEF_1000115K7A4A955D78EEF_1000129 K7A4A955D78EEF_1000107K7A4A955D78EEF_1000118K7A4A955D78EEF_1000093 K7A4A955D78EEF_1000099K7A4A955D78EEF_1000111K7A4A955D78EEF_1000101K7A4A955D78EEF_1000109K7A4A955D78EEF_1000103K7A4A955D78EEF_1000108K7A4A955D78EEF_1000116K7A4A955D78EEF_1000114K7A4A955D78EEF_1000088K7A4A955D78EEF_1000091K7A4A955D78EEF_1000096K7A4A955D78EEF_1000113K7A4A955D78EEF_1000108K7A4A955D78EEF_1000121K7A4A955D78EEF_1000123K7A4A955D78EEF_1000105.

See you next year!  Second weekend of August!

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